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I came to Elizabeth after she was highly recommended by a friend to deal with weight loss and throughout my sessions with her, I realized that I had a food addiction that was connected to the negative emotions I was feeling in my life. With hypnotherapy, I’ve been able to deal with the problems that have affected my life as well as shedding the weight. Even in Lockdown! This is because I used the tools that I've learned in my sessions so that I can help myself when I need it. After 2 sessions I'm now over a stone lighter and still going. Looking forward to starting her 12-week program and continue changing my mind and body forever. 


I can't recommend Elizabeth enough!! To say my life has changed since starting my sessions with her is an understatement. I originally sought hypnosis for debilitating car sickness that had stopped me from leaving the house for fear of migraines and sickness. After 1 session I was back in the car! I saw her again for confidence issues and procrastination. Again after one session, I saw immediate results. Finally, after so much success with hypnotherapy, I saw her for weight loss and mind coaching. Again I was overwhelmed by the results, I am over 2 stone lighter but more importantly, I am happy in my soul. I understand why I overate, the emotions connected to it, and how to stop it happening in the future. I am aware she is specializing in weight management now, a field she has proven to me she is wonderful in!


My experience with Hypnotherapy and with Liz herself has been an amazing experience so far. She is very experienced and very kind and easy to talk too. She helped me with deep issues and gets to the root of any problems I was facing. As a client of hers I have been feeling a lot better in myself and my day to day life and I am very grateful for all she has giving us. Really is worth taking the step I found and making a positive change in my life.

Had a fantastic hypnotherapy session with Liz Caplin . She is a wonderful therapist and works really hard to tailor the session to your personal needs. I would confidently recommend her to anyone who wants to lose weight or indeed has any other issues to deal with. It can be difficult to find someone you are comfortable with but Liz is a consummate professional and someone you can trust completely. I am delighted with the results of the session. All my sugar cravings are a thing of the past, and all thanks to Liz! 😀

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