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Relaxing Hypnotherapy & Mindset Coaching Hypnosis For Anxiety 

Is Your Life Currently Controlled By Anxiety? 

You can’t escape the thoughts inside your head making it difficult for you to switch off and relax.  You wake in the morning lacking vitality and drive, just hoping that you could feel energised again. You know that you’re not as confident as you used to be and recognise it's holding you back in life. You spend your day worrying, measuring your life by what might go wrong. You regularly turn down social invites because of social anxiety and have forgotten that positive fun-loving person you used to be. Your life really doesn’t have to be like this.


You deserve to live your fill to the full.

Relieve Anxiety Symptoms With Hypnotherapy 

Did you know around 8% of the population suffer from anxiety in any given week. It affects our ability to sleep, work and live our best life. When anxiety takes over your life, it stops you from functioning. And creates a feeling of being trapped inside a cycle that you just can’t get out of. The body goes into overdrive – the heart rate spikes, you sweat profusely, and the senses are heightened. Untreated, it can lead to issues such as social exclusion, agoraphobia and other mental health issues.

Anxiety can be General or Specific

General anxiety

This is a feeling that all is not well in your world without being able to pinpoint what exactly is making you feel like this. Uncontrollable worries take over your world, making you feel anxious multiple times per day or even permanently. It can be extremely debilitating.

Specific anxiety

This can manifest itself from different sources such as: Financial worries, Work issues, Relationship problems .A major event in the past, present or in the future. Side effects of certain medications. Alcohol or drug use. Lack of oxygen. Chronic or serious illness (or the fear of illness).

Getting Help For Anxiety

I honestly do know what this feels like. We’re surrounded by pressures of work, society, the news and many other factors. Life has never been so hectic. We’ve never been as exposed to the influences of the world as we are today. But you really don’t have to take the weight of the world on your shoulders. When you live a life free of anxiety, the world feels like a much better place to live in…Your relationships are in a much better place. Work doesn’t hold anywhere near as much fear. People will notice a difference in the way you are with them. You will notice a huge difference in the way you feel about yourself. You just need an easy simple solution that fits into your everyday life. Once you understand how your brain creates anxiety it’s such a simple process to take control of it.

Hypnotherapy For Anxiety

So, if you want a future without anxiety then online hypnotherapy could well be the answer for you. People often see progress in a very short space of time and the end results after an extended period of time are quite remarkable. You don’t have to settle for a life that is controlled by your anxiety. I have helped many people in your situation see the light at the end of the tunnel.


Success story

“ Liz has helped me more than I can say with social anxiety, I signed up for her 6 session New You programme and I'm so glad I did! She went the extra mile with me during every session. I loved the success work she gave me to really get me to dig deeper on why I felt the way I felt, as well as personalised the hypnosis recordings I received after each session. That I'll keep forever! I started to feel better after the first session and I'm actually sad it's over. It's not like therapy at all, it was a joy every 2 weeks. Thanks again Liz for what you're doing! "

Rebecca, Monaghan

Did you know....

Hypnosis is a well-kept secret used by many famous celebrities and athletes. These are people who need to be at the top of their game to be successful. Several well-known stars have used hypnosis therapy to enhance their performance, boost confidence as well as self-esteem, overcome fears and phobias and limiting beliefs, for sleep, and staying focused. Today, we’re going to discuss how celebrities and athletes use hypnosis to impact their performance and improve their lives.

You’ve probably seen hypnosis depicted in movies as some mystical process where a person performs seemingly involuntary actions, such as barking like a dog on command. In reality, clinical hypnosis is nothing like the form of entertainment depicted in moves and on TV. Instead, it focuses on helping you “rewire” your thinking and behavior patterns. This leads to positive changes in your life.

Hypnosis is a trance-like state of mind during which you experience deep relaxation, focused attention, and greater openness to suggestion. Hypnosis is a way to gain greater access to your subconscious mind, which largely influences your behaviors, habits, and motivations.

I guide you into a relaxed state, known as a trance, using a number of techniques, such as deep breathing and visualization. In this relaxed state, your thoughts slow down and you become more focused and open to suggestions. Once in a trance, I guide you through a series of exercises and makes suggestions to help you get in tune with your goal.

Hypnotherapy is gradually emerging from the shadows, partially thanks to celebrities sharing their success stories.

Which Celebrities Have Used Hypnotherapy?

Albert Einstein

While you might not imagine that a prominent scientist would try an alternative therapy, Albert Einstein is known to have used hypnotherapy. In fact, he first came up with the ideas that led to his theory of relativity while he was in a hypnotic trance. He found that hypnosis enhanced his creative thinking. This is a good example of using hypnotherapy not to overcome an obstacle but rather than improve skills you already have.

David Beckham

As a football, model and philanthropist, David Beckham is a role model for many people. However, he found himself struggling with repetitive negative thoughts and symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), so he turned to hypnotherapy for help. Combined with creative visualization and cognitive behavioral therapy, hypnotherapy played a key part in reshaping his mindset. He now feels he has the tools to stop unhelpful thinking spirals, and he has been empowered by his psychological work.

Debra Messing

Will and Grace star Debra Messing used hypnotherapy to help her get into the right mindset for underwater scenes in the film "Lucky You". Prior to her use of hypnosis, she was reportedly terrified of being underwater, but she didn't want this to hold her back from a fantastic role. She also says that hypnotherapy helped to save her life, as it pushed her to stop smoking for good.

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