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Corporate Wellness With Hypnotherapy & Mindset Coaching

Hypnosis for success

Corporate Wellness with Hypnotherapy and Mind Coaching can help every employer or employee gain that extra edge. To work more creatively, banish imposter syndrome, gain confidence and keep focused on the future. Hypnotherapy can help you to stop procrastinating and not only set your goals right but achieve them. Become more motivated and determined to achieve any goal.

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How Can EC Hypnotherapy Help Your Business?

These are just some of the issues hypnotherapists deal with everyday that can effect a business. EC Hypnotherapy works with employees in individual sessions, with a proven 12 week programme designed to increase confidence and productive, reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed and anxious along with a long list of qualities needed to make sure your business not only survives but thrives.

Why Your Company Should Consider Using EC Hypnotherapy

How can consulting a hypnotherapist benefit your business? On the face of it you may not think it could. But, whether you own the business or are an employee, your livelihood depends on the company’s success. If you think about your work environment you may be surprised at how many different ways a good hypnotherapist can help improve it and possibly even increase productivity; a happy team is an efficient team after all. I’m not talking about the physical environment of the building or furniture but the interaction between people.


Stress affects individuals in different ways. For a start a certain amount of stress is good for us. It keeps us focussed and motivated but too much stress can be detrimental to us. Too much stress can cause an individual’s performance to fall, as they begin to feel overwhelmed, possibly ending in burn out. It can lead to an individual not being able to unwind at the end of the day without alcohol or other, possibly illegal, substances. These are just two examples of how an individual not managing stress can have negative effects on themselves causing a business to suffer.

Business Presentations

Do you or your staff have to give sales pitches or presentations to representatives from potential customer companies or in house briefings? If so you will know that a poorly presented presentation can, no matter how well the graphics or power point appear, fail just on the grounds that the person giving the presentation is nervous. A lack of confidence looks like you don’t know what you’re talking about or you yourself have no confidence in your ability to deliver a quality product or service. So your competition, with a much slicker presentation, gets the contract.

Individual Meetings

Public speaking may not be a problem if all your sales are pitched on a one to one basis. Even after the presentation finalising the deal may be done on a one to one basis. This can of course fall apart merely because the other company’s representative takes a dislike to your representative. We tend to make our minds up about whether we like people or not extremely quickly. Once someone has come to an unfavourable opinion about us it is very difficult to get them to change their mind. As you will always be able to negotiate a better deal if you are liked, building rapport is an important skill for anyone in business or dealing with other businesses on a regular basis

Moral and Motivation

It’s well known that if one person is in a bad mood, or feeling down, it can bring down the mood of those around them. This of course brings everyone’s moral down bringing with it a general lowering of motivation. Again this can have a serious detrimental effect on the business of the day. Two days in particular can be bad. Monday, because it’s the start of a new week and as far from a day off, the weekend, as you can be. The other, Friday, for the opposite reason. People lose interest on Friday, especially in the afternoon, because they are so close to having two days off work.

hypnosis for success


Debra Messing used hypnotherapy to help her overcome her fear of being underwater, because she didn’t want this to hold her back from a fantastic film role.

Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud developed modern psychiatry as a result of learning about and practicing hypnosis.

Mozart (1756-91) apparently composed the famous opera “Cosi fan Tutte” while hypnotized.

Albert Einstein (1879-1955) physicist – was known to go into a trance through self-hypnosis every afternoon. His theory of relativity came to him during one of these sessions. He also used trance states to develop his ideas.

Lord Alfred Tennyson (1809-92) wrote complete poems while hypnotized.

Thomas Edison used self—hypnosis on a regular basis

Aldous Huxley used trance-like states to explore the nature of Consciousness.

Rachmaninov (1873-1943) reputedly composed one of his concertos following a post-hypnotic suggestion.

Sir Winston Churchill used post-hypnotic suggestions in order to stay awake and carry out his duties as Prime Minister during WWII.

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