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Hi There
I'm Elizabeth Caplin, founder of EC Hypnotherapy.

Dedicated Hypnotherapist & Mindset Coach and enthusiastic limiting beliefs buster!


I'm on a mission to help people retrain their brains to better their personal and professional wellness! From losing weight, gaining confidence, reduce stress and anxiety through the power of hypnosis. 

As a single mum of two daughters, who after 20 years of marriage saw myself was starting from scratch. In a new country, no money, no job, no clue what to do. The only thing I knew was I had to do something! I was not going too allow myself to accept that this was the life for me. I wasn't going to be conditioned to a life with limiting beliefs.  I decided to take Wellness into my own hands to find my own working solution.

So... I went on to get my diploma in Psychology and Counseling but I still hadn't found my solution my "FORMULA".  But after studying Hypnotherapy and Mind Coaching I knew I found my WHY and I'd found my "FORMULA"!!


And the best part for YOU...I've studied it so you don't have to! I have the formula! You don't need to do anything apart from show up, put the work in and trust in your subconscious to find the answers. Remember I've studied for  years to find the formula for you! I can't wait to share it with the world, starting with you! Hypnotherapy has changed the lives of so many people and it can change yours to! 

Elizabeth Caplin
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