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Hi there, I'm Elizabeth Caplin, Hypnotherapist and Mindset Transformation Coach

As well as a seasoned personal development expert. I have over three decades of experience in helping individuals with their fears and anxieties and inspired by my own weight loss transformation, I dedicated myself to studying hypnotherapy and mindset coaching, driven by a deep desire to share this transformative therapy with the world.  

In the past, I intimately experienced the struggles of weight loss and the challenges of maintaining it as well as many anxieties. Since childhood, I battled with my weight, and anxious thoughts, harbouring an unhealthy emotional attachment to food that only exacerbated my anxieties and shattered my self-confidence. After countless attempts with various methods and products, and years later I stumbled upon the life-changing power of hypnotherapy.

I found that for far too long, I suffered because I possessed conscious knowledge of how to lose weight, yet my unconscious mind remained clueless. It was through the power of hypnotherapy that my brain underwent a profound retraining like never before. The weight began to melt away and, astonishingly, stayed off! Not only did my confidence soar, but my entire outlook on life transformed. My self-esteem, energy levels, and overall well-being skyrocketed. The benefits seemed endless.


Now, as I approach my 60th birthday, I have never looked or felt better, inside and out! It is my mission to share this once-secret method with the world. That's why I now offer hypnotherapy and mindset coaching sessions for weight loss, anxiety, fears, and phobias. I understand first-hand the debilitating nature of these struggles, and I am here to help others overcome them.

It truly can be that easy! I speak from personal experience, as I have gone through the transformative process myself. I understand the longing for programs like mine when I needed them the most. Combining hypnotherapy and mindset coaching has been a game-changer for my clients, and I genuinely believe it can make a difference in your life too. Take the first step towards transformation by contacting me today and discovering the powerful impact of hypnotherapy and mindset coaching sessions.


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